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Episode 4: Design Patterns on the Frontend, History of MVVM, Web Components, and You

This is a subject far too little discussed from what I can tell, yet with a fundamental awareness and regular usage of design patterns, you can dramatically uplevel your frontend code.

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Transform Your Data Object-Oriented Style with Formatters

I truly adore this design pattern. Once you know it, you start to see its usefulness across a wide variety of scenarios, codebases, and even programming languages.

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Episode 3: String-Based Templates vs. DSLs: the Pros & Cons of Each

In this episode, I break down the main conceptual difference between “string-based templates” such as ERB and “DSLs” such as Papercraft, the various options within each category, and some of the reasons you might want to choose one approach or another depending on your use case.

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What’s Better Than DRY? DOEY! (Don’t Over-Exert Yourself)

When I’m in my “flow state” as a programmer, what I’m constantly doing is finding ways to eliminate redundancies, learning to recognize that entire subsystems as a whole can be made entirely redundant if I simply took the time to search for higher-level abstractions.

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