Topic: The Art Of Code

Why the Release of Ruby 3 Will Be Monumental

Ruby 3 is an exciting update with lots of new features—yet I think it’s the psychology of turning over from major version 2 to 3 that is most vital to the future health of the Ruby community.

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Just Say No to GDD: Guilt-Driven Development

Ruby on Rails. Finally a language and a methodology of writing apps that felt simple, clean, fast, and maintainable. But then a few years went by. New updates to Rails. New gems. New client-side Javascript frameworks. New server deployment best practices. New things to learn Every. Darn. Minute. Suddenly, writing Rails apps didn’t feel so much fun anymore. It felt difficult. And I felt guilty.

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The Best Code is the Code Nobody Writes

Don’t waste time and effort building stuff that’s easy to break and hard to remove. Go the extra mile and get it done right.

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