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Hi, I’m Jared! I help maintain Ruby open source software like Bridgetown and Ruby2JS, and I work as a consultant with Whitefusion. Fullstack Ruby is my pet project. ☺ Find me on Twitter @jaredcwhite.

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Episode 6: How Do You Manage Ruby Application Dependencies?

Every Ruby web framework has its own way of configuring itself as well as third-party dependencies.

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How to Think Like a Framework Developer

When implementing a specific feature for a specific application, you’re mainly concerned with the What. Yet when building a framework, you’re mainly concerned with the Why and the How.

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Episode 5: Optimized for Programmer Happiness

Ruby is optimized for programmer happiness. What does that even mean? Which programmer? Whose happiness?

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What Would It Take for Roda to Win?

Roda’s stated goals are simplicity, reliability, extensibility, and performance. Those are the very reasons why I have become such a Roda stan. It’s so malleable, you can take it in any number of directions in terms of architecture—particularly on the view side which is where my primary interest lies.

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