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Hi, I’m Jared! I help maintain Ruby open source software like Bridgetown and Ruby2JS, and I work as a consultant with Whitefusion. Fullstack Ruby is my pet project. ☺ Find me on Mastodon

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Episode 9: Preact Signals and the Signalize Gem

What are signals? What is find-grained reactivity? Why is everyone talking about them on the frontend these days? And what, if anything, can we apply from our newfound knowledge of signals to backend programming?

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Episode 8: Hotwiring Multi-Platform Rails Apps with Ayush Newatia

I’m very excited to have Ayush on the show today to talk about all things fullstack web dev, his new book The Rails & Hotwire Codex, and why “vanilla” is awesome!

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Episode 7: Ruby on Wasm: Is This The Future?

So…we can now run “real” Ruby in the browser, right? Yes! …and no. Caveat emptor, but nevertheless this is a very welcome development.

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Episode 6: How Do You Manage Ruby Application Dependencies?

Every Ruby web framework has its own way of configuring itself as well as third-party dependencies.

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